2 Things to say today - [1] Lastnight in THE VIC - Jesus, that was a good night.. a VERY important night for me personaly.. i actually had issues with the gig, that is: i was worried i might be shit due to the lack of killer vinyl in recent times - a major contributary factor to the lull in the scene IMHO - get me? I was worried i may have to resort to bollocks tactics to keep the vibe, i'm SOOOOOO glad you that attended had a good time, and Kudos to SONIC DARRAN and BAKED CAKE that put the package together.. Great to be back in Galway, and i DID have a ball, YOU KNOW it.. Did anyone tape it? [2] KISS FM (dublin) is the daddy - it`s official - because i said so..


Tonight, i will be attending theVICTORIA in galway for a right good thrashing and some noodles. Nybody wishing to write letters to my employer re: me bieng better then them at eating noodles should follow this NEW proceedure: [1] Write the Letter in your Word Processor, [2] Use a SPELL CHECKER for chrissake, [3] Have someone else read it just to make sure you aren`t bieng silly or anything, [4] Remove some of the bit's about castration and banishment, [5] Sleep on it. [6] Read it then next morning,and then Bin it. Or not.. who can tell what is the best way foward in these troubled times of ours.. one thing is for sure, to know how to critique a noodle-eater, you must first eat some noodles, otherwise you may end up as the Pork Gyosa, or even worse, the Saki - ie: Drunk (drunk as in from the "Glass-of-water" point of view, not from the "student" POV) and what happens to things that get drunk? yep, that's right, they get pissed down the drain.. ah well.. at least yo went through someone's kidneys, innit.. Mmmmmm... It`s been a while since i bin in Galway.. Wonder if the GPO is a CarPark yet?

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*yomanda/your free - you clash - 41%
yc003//wri:masterson & springsteen//chrysalis & strictly rhythm www.youclashrecords.com
*g.vilarde/mistake - tusom - 64%
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*emma/free me - 19 records - 32%
freeme2/wri:bunton & peden//emi & 19 songs
*hazo/trippin thru' my dreams - allcity records - 69%
ac102/wri:hazo//cop con www.all-cityrecords.com


*trisco/time - vinyl addiction va 013
*da hool/crazy - kosmo kos2059 www.kosmomusic.com
*goldenscan/of out times - lost language lost25r info@lostlanguage.com
*u96/we call it love - urban urbdj2274
*commander tom/next 1000 years - noom 071 www.ucmg-proton.com
*drugface/c*ntmaster(remix) - uberdruck ued012 www.ueberdruck-records.de
*dana/here we go - ID&T qdance 7006385 www.id-t.com
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*electrobics/look who's talking - tsunami tsusb9009 www.purple-eye.com

### Pointless Statistics: Squad Satisfaction Index: 54.15 Lowest Average: 36.25 [trixton] Highest Average: 66.25 [ronan]


After yesterday's ill-informed 98.6% Hearsay,Lies and Fabrication, and it`s resulting wave of paranoia and ill-informed actions (not mine) i have decided to top it by announcing my plans for a Pirate Radio service of my own, launching imminently. It won't have a name, and will be staffed by a Gateway 2ghz Pentium 4 Laptop loaded with the Background music from THE DUKES OF HAZZARD and old GOON SHOW episodes. I will carry it on my back, in a rucksack, and insist on wearing it at all times, even on planes and in the bath. I feel that it will protect me from Evil people. Don`t laugh. It`s possible. Seriously, 2 motorbike batterys and my magic combination Solar-cell/Windmill charger and i'm elected..

Oh, and i put a new tune up on playthatbeat, because i could. It`s inspired by that great, great, great cinematic wonder THE TRIP, the second best ROGER CORMAN movie ever made (the best bieng MUTANT aka FORBIDDEN WORLD starring that bird out of SPINAL TAP, you know, the one married to DAVID StHUBBINS who trys to manage the band? yeah, well, anyway, she gets her kit off in it and all.. very amusing.. er.. sorry..) which has ALL the lads in it, PETER FONDA and that other guy, and er, yeah.. you get the picture - totally flippy, and FULL of ridiculous dialogue, some of which sounds very like the dialogue in the tune, er, maybe.. Anyway, i have been waiting 14 YEARS for the tape i had of it to be returned by the sod that borrowed it, and it came back the other week.. bit hissy, but uncut, and so bad it`s baaaaad, if you know what i mean.. anyway, try the tune..


So... another fine weekend.. just as it was written... Great Britan got NULL POINT in the EuroVision.. I didn`t hear the tune, in fact, to not spoil my Purity, i didn`t hear ANY of the Tunes entered this year - that way it makes the Betting More Wreckless, and the Points bit at the end more fun.. But i'm delighted with the results.. really good warm feeling in the guttiwutts seeing the GB bieng so severly enuffed.. And SOOO nice to see the Irish all over the Box this weekend.. Some Guy called RAY in BIG BROTHER, and our Pal TERRY WOGAN doing the UK commentary on the Eurovision.. Isn`t TERRY great? the way he slags everything off so well? That's his Oirish roots all over that is.. good lad tel.. You just keep that up now.. and remain living in the UK if you know whats good for you.. Tosser.. Ehm.. speaking of TOSSERs, PHANTOM FM made it back on the air on sunday for a massive Bleating session about how unfair it is that they have been forced to close due to the threat of 20,000eu fines and prison sentences.. My heart bleeds for them.. really.. (not) You know, i never gave them more then 3+ minutes of a listen, and sometimes slightly longer if they were playing 2-in-a-row of (say) THE JAM or THE CURE, since i actually don`t really like FANNING & TOM DUNNE's tastes in modern music - a bit dated-sounding and blinkered and boring IMHO, so i won`t miss them much - not since i got THE JAM'S GREATEST HITS on CD for the car that is.. But anyway, back to the Jabs.. It was VERY poor radio indeed from the Phantom Boys.. VERY.. Lot`s of "We are closing down because we wouldn`t be able to deliver a Quality radio service constantly looking over our shoulders, playing cat n' mouse all the time" Ahhhh.. how sad.. My heart bleeds for you boys.. now that you can`t get your thrill playing radio without interference you are quitting.. terrible.. hardly fits your self-imposed "rebel radio" image does it? Running the Anorak's Hour and all that.. And what was all that implication that there will no longer be any outlets for the Bands of Ireland's music? Are you THAT blinkered? Is you Bubble THAT airtight? Jesus.. talk about drowning in sauce.. So.. Farewell the Phantom, And good luck with your campaign to return to the air bypassing Paying Tax, staff and royalties.. I really hope you succeed in forcing the government to de-regulate radio in this country, i`m sure TODAY FM, 2FM and all the Licenced Local Stations would welcome a Complete removal of all responsibility and carte blanche to play at "radio station" for time eternal too... really.. really i do.. Then i can launch my very own station "1983 NYC Club-scene FM", where i play wall-2-wall GRANDMASTER FLASH, SHANNON, MV, GLOBE & THE WHIZZ KID, TWILITE 22 and TONY T records while shouting requests to people that don`t exist and bashing out promo's for my own gigs and teaser stings for the "$20,000 83-NYCCS-FM giveaway" (etc..) So what can all you Phantom-ites do from now on when you want to hear badly made music? Simple, Listen to Tom Dunne On TODAY FM weekday nights, and JAY AHERN on 2FM sunday nights.. [Note: TODAY FM are around 100FM and 2FM are around 92FM, you will be able to recognise them daytime instantly by their total desperation and almost complete lack of cool - and if you are lucky, you may hear a presenter take his/her own life on air - something i KNOW will exite all you "alternative rock" fans out there]

So.. would you like to know what fruit the grapevine is bearing? [note: all text in white is alleged, and may or may not be true, and more likely, probably not at all true, but it makes us feel better saying it] About the raids on "black tuesday"? The Vine say: One man was responsible for the Raids.. One man, and One man only.. This man has been on a campaign recently to stir shit for the Pirates, and anyone working for them in any way.. Sad isn`t it? It`s like MANCHESTER UNITED bosses picking on a local Schoolboy's league team because they think the schoolboys are stealing their limelight/gate-fees!! Anyway, this Bloke has been writing to the employers of people that support the Pirates (technically and personally) and basically trying to get them fired from their legitimate jobs.. He has been Leaning on the Authorities to close the Hobby-stations DAILY, deciding that HIS business efforts are not working because there are pirates out there stealing his listeners.. He Doesn`t for a minute entertain that his service is CRAP, and that is why he has a shortfall in customers, he just defaults to blame-shifting to avoid having his ass devalued.. great delaying tactic man.. great..no, really, that's a great tactic.. it will work for EXACTLY the time it takes for the next ratings book to be published - then the world will see, that DESPITE the removal of alternative specialist radio (except for phantom which was an extension of an alternative style - not a unique service) you STILL haven`t got a pot to piss in.. then, and only then, will the Hobby scene be Vindicated.. If the scene decided to play chess with this guy, then this is the way to go.. sit tight, relax, and wait..

Did i ever tell you i was involved in a local station once? A licenced one? Oh yes... i have been on the frontline of Local radio in Ireland.. And i KNOW it is next to impossible to run a quality service on a local level and make money.. I WISH it was possible, i WISH everybody could have the radio they wanted, get paid, and stay the right side of Copyright law, but it simply isn`t possible.. Not IMHO anyway.. Oh. and the Dream of Deregulation, it`s nothing more then a dream.. You see, CONTENT must be paid for.. Music isn`t free you know.. it`s COSTS money to play tunes.. And Talent isn`t free either you know.. People like to be paid too.. as do SALES people, (the people that sell the adds) as do MANAGEMENT staff - they need BMW cars and 3 holidays a year, that isn`t free.. You getting the picture? Yeah, but add to that someone that can spell/type to deal with the TAX-MAN and his pal the VAT-MAN, and someone that can lie numerically to cook the books, someone with hard fists and a nice telephone manner to extract money from the local traders, and the payroll is streaching into the "-ties".. so what happens whe 20-50 people are getting paid then? well, for starters, NOBODY will work for free anymore "why shuld i when HE/SHE gets paid.. etc.." and NOBODY can do a show just to plug their gig that weekend - Advertising must be paid for, and if it isn`t directly paid for, since it is the station's only tradeable commodity, any "contra" exchanges must be documented, valued and treated with the contempt they deserve.. oh dear.. it`s all looking a bit messy now isn`t it? Yep.. you guessed it - it`s a bitch.. before you even BEGIN to make money, you have to have alot of crap sorted, and that all costs money - alot of it... So, where do we go with the "alternative" stations then? The "minority" stations? Should they be allowed on the air with out the constraints of a licence? No News commitment? No Current-affairs or local content? No Royalty payments to their Music providers? No VAT payments? No Tax? No Accounts? Well, i'll leave you to discuss that.. And remember, NOBODY likes things bieng Unfair.. so don`t go spouting De-regulation shite untill you concider that you will have to allow the CURRENT radio services operate like this as well, and they have ALL the talent, ALL the Experience, and ALL the best gear, ALL the best business brains, ALL the best transmitter sites, ALL the cards basically (except the joker)...

I should point out at this time, i Came from Pirate radio, i trained in Pirate radio, i grew up listening to Pirate radio..All my peers in legal radio came from pirate radio, In fact, over the weekend, i discovered that EVERYBODY in Legal radio in ireland today except 1 person came from a pirate background/experience.. "Who is that 1 person exception?" you ask... well, i think we all know who that is.. He's the guy that likes to write letters and make phonecalls.. TRYING TO PULL THE LADDER UP AFTER YOU ARE YOU MATE? Well that should be easy for you since it`s a VERY small ladder into your treehouse, which is rapidly swaying in the wind of change.. Now why don`t you Fu*k off back to collage and try and learn something about PEOPLE..


At times like these, i find comfort recalling the words of John Belushi in "Animal House" upon hearing his entire Frat House had been expelled from Faber Collage.. I suggest All my friends in Pirate Radio Land Study this Movie Very Carefully over the next 6-8 weeks during their "recouperation period".. Also, might i suggest the following Visual Stimulation to Revvvv You up some.. "FM" - the story of how the rest of Steely Dan made careers in AOR rock Radio in the late 70's/early 80's in america after Godley & Creme Legged it to invent FrankieGoesToHollywood - a fine story of the Litle-Guy becoming the daddy in the face of Network Blandness.. great watch.. should remind you of why you are here!!! "UHF" - the story of how one sploom won a Small UHF Television station in a game of charades at a drunken party, and then proceeded to make it the Number 1 station in the (bland american) City by broadcasting stuff that people actually WATCHED! - amazing fantasy story implying if you give people what they want, they respond.. (sigh) "The Trip" - the story of how 2 friends get turned on to LSD one summer-of-love and freak out baby.. yeah.. wow.. funky.. This move has it ALLLLLL - Body paint, Flares, Beards, 1960's Nekid Chix, Buckets of LSD, Peter Fonda(say no more..), Funky sounds, Whacked-out Visuals, The Club scene - 1969 Acieeed styleee, A Freakout, A Loss of plot, A Running-down the motarway naked completely smashed on ***** scene and so on.. in short - NOTHING to do with the current struggle, but dafinatly aorth a look, for the beards and "hey man" content alone..Ehh.. where was i? oh yes.. DON'T LET THE BASTERDS GET YOU DOWN - YOU WILL OUTLIVE THEM!

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Firen` Squad, Squaddies: gleave dobbin (bishop),flush gav (pope,flush bus), chris davis (cardinal,the met)

*nylon pylon/foot in mouth - london - 29%
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*apollo 440/dude decending staircase - sony - 60%
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*graeme gold vs. b'jamin/golden sun - relative - 46%
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*hardside/survive - zoom z04 www.self.it
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Never mind that crap.. The Pirates have been enuffed in Dublin.. Over the last 48-hours or so, they all got the Knock at their Transmitter Sites, or Pulled the Plug themselves to Avoid Same Knock... Alll Down to Massive interference by some guy called Reg. very sad. Nothing on the radio Anymore. Just this warbling sound, Some Brash splashing, Some Whining, a man with a speech Impediment, and what sounds like an elevator with 2 very drugged-up people trapped in it trying to fend off insanity by talking bollocks, alot. Very sad. Oh yes. Very sad. I _do_ hope some rigs escaped the clutches of the milicents, for they will be needed, oh yes, after the next listenership survey period expires, and the figures don`t change (much), untill then, looks like we have to either accept non-specialist radio stations, or just get into listening to (gasp!) actual music! Apparently they still sell it in music shops.. Christ.. It`s be YEARS before i have enough crap to relplace SUN FM.. or PHANTOM.. or JAZZ.. or POWER.. or MINISTRY.. or some of NOVA.. I won`t miss some stations though.. i have a 3-cd set of pingpongtrashcrap here that i can put on when i want to remember them.. So.. one thing to keep in mind is, this has happend before... lots of times.. there is no way to silence Hobby Radio.. Sorry, you cannot kill off what people like to do.. be it listening to free radio, or working on it.. Practicly everyone i know did some time on a Pirate, and some of us ended up loosing the Eye-patch later on in life - that wouldn`t have happend had it not been for the Free-DayZ - Free to learn.. Free to make mistakes.. Free to Innovate.. Free to Experiment... Well, some stations have started Web Services.. Suppose that may kick in, but it`s not the way to go IMHO.. Radios are one of the Last things you can buy for next-to-nothing that will give endless entertainment, for life, as long as you power it up... (and with clockwork radios.. etc...) Radio isn`t like NewsPrint, or Television - it`s Continuous, Free and Very Portable.. It`s not possible to Police the FM Band 100%, the best that can be done is to "Wash it" once and a while.. and then hang it out again to catch come more clog.. Ah well.. Just be greatfull FM-Band Detergent Is VERY expensive, and in short supply.. And so the 7th generation Of hobby radio in dublin begins, this week. Anyone still with a rig could resort to Weekends/Nights only, Secret location, All-in-one Stations.. It's Underground Time Baby.. Or should i say, anyone that is still serious about it could..Wonder who loves their radio enough to work on a Hit n; Run station? Huh? Now the glam is gone are you still up for it? HELL YEAH!!!!


TODAY'S COMMENT ON "THE MATRIX RELOADED" - "it`s not the second chapter, but the second part of the Sixth Chapter"

Tonight on 626 - IT'S A SESSIONS TOUR weekend again folks!!! Live from THE MET in armagh, featuring the MET crew, John Power on the Case, and DJ SCOTT PROJECT for your monging pleasure.. You know this makes sense people.. As usual, 626 will be providing FLL coverage.. 914 on the Digbox, all over the FM band, and webcasts from 2fm.ie..


God i have been busy lately... Some Major Sleeping, flossed the cats twice, did the dishes, er.. well actually more to the point, did the PILE, or LUMP of dish-based matter in the sink.. er.. yeah.. and some major fun on the Television front... I can confirm the autumn seasons of American television are looking very interesting... i was privvy to the previews of the new shows the American networks are preparing for the next season.. yes NEW shows.. it looks like they are finally producing some fresh stuff... er.. well... when i say fresh i mean NEW, ie: cleaned up and re-shipped!! The show that sticks in my mind most is the new "Whoopi" show.. It`s like ROSANNE except for blacks.. Stars Whoopi Goldberg, and by god it`s astounding.. i wasn`t sure WHY people at the preview were laughing - was it because the show was the sharpest piece of racial satire ever penned, or were they laughing at the re-cycled one-liners? Me, i was a bit lost because i don`t appreciate the ins & outs of racial stereotypes (bieng from ireland where everyone is either irish or a foriegner), but i`m sure this show will go down in history as the one that started the "riots of 2003", seriously, it`s wierd.. very wierd.. and it cannot lose IMHO - if you don`t get the low-brow "black-thang" jokes, you'll steam on the absolute blaxploitationisim of it all.. shocking, yet wierdly cool... ayway.. expect some crap new detective shows too, with titles that are word-plays on the names of the main charicters as usual, and some great TV movies to do with 9/11 and thats about your lot really.. a bit underwhelming, but a FLOOD of new faces and shows, in fact, from what i have heard, the most new contracts issued for 1 season in Television history They _did_ miss out on the Porno-golf idea i sent them, oh, and the strip-snooker-mudwrestling hour demo i have been seeking finance to pilot (sigh).

Obviously, the above flyer is for the ONLY game in town this friday.. I was priviliged enough to have broken into the bloke from Warners's Jag this week, and am pleased to announce the return of his laptop in exchange for tickets to the above showing.. So, i'll be there, and will have a _full_ report on monday for you.. (you don`t expect me to UPDATE over the weekend do you? jesus christ.. don`t you know life is short? gimme a break etc..)

Speaking of great Blags, there is a slight rumour i'll be Playing in New York over the next 3 weeks.. so USA Springers, hold tight for incoming scripts.. I hope to check the Ruffcuts of the TERMINATOR 3 movie while i`m there, with a view to seeing it before everybody else.. er.. maybe..

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cnv8617/wri:hatiras//cop con www.mixconnection.com
*dimas & martinez/death of my soul - beatfreak - 31%
bf0039/wri:carbajo & gibbs//cop con www.levelrecordshop.com
*helicopter jackson/the booty song - white - 30%
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*starburst/fruitiness - mars - 30%
new "comma"-shaped candy with the starburst brand
*2 unlimited/no limit 2.3 - zyx - 20%
tpa0026-12/wri:dellis & de coster//msm songs & emi www.zyx.de


*the dubs/love aint gonna wait - white lagw2
*miss peppermint/this beat is rockin - drop outdrop 0335-6 www.alphabetcity.de
*apollo 440/dude descending staircase - sony ssr14t
*dj loving loop/revolution - manifold music revolution 12
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*alfazone/rockin' - waterworld wwr013 www.waterworld-records.de
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Extract from the Belgian club chart compiled at IDP Belgium
Dj Liberty
Magica Rmxs


Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
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**{MOLOKO live from dublin castle for GREEN ENERGY}**

setlist: "100%", "forever more" & "sing it back"


*marc & claude/history of acid house - positiva metcdj001 www.positivarecords.com
*the dubs/love ain`t gonna wait - whitel lagw2
*animated/quivver EP - devient dvnt55xdp
*hatiras/intergalactic luv - canvas cnv8617-1 www.mixconnection.com


*miss peppermint/this beat is rockin - dropout drop 0335-6 www.alphabetcity.de
*t.k./indhu - tektonn008 tektonn@king-records.com
*diablo & klitzing/control - headline0024 www.headline-records.com
*goldenscan/of our times - lost language lost25R info@lostlanguage.com
*koala/luna trip - alien 031 www.unitedrecordings.com
*supermarco may vs. jimmy the sound/no limit - sigma066 www.self.it
*wallstadt & dorfer/synchronised - uberdruck013 www.djthecrow.de
*cosmic gate/wonderfull human biengs - capitol 7243552283 www.capitol-music.de
*yakooza/big deal - overdose dmddose106 www.overdose.de

So.. that was a strange bank-holiday.. Have to thank the crew at MAC (Mullingar arts centre - from heron "mac") for their efforts on saturday night.. Great lightshow and the soundsystem was OTT - far to loud/good for the night that was in it.. nice to have met the MOHAWK boys too, pity it wasn't as well attended as the promoter had hoped.. but i think the feeling was mutual all-round this weekend.. lots of places were reeling from the shock of 2 bank-holidays in 21 days, and the total lack of interest most people showed!! I can confirm the country seemed to go into some sort of coma this weekend.. beaches were 1/2 empty, despite the heat/sun interfering with the rain (constant rain actually..) and the roads were pratically deserted, except for fine-hungry police that is, who have now taken to hiding behind road-hoardings and in bushes...

Speaking of coppers, it`s with a heavy heart i must announce the ACHILL ISLAND sessions tour is off.. the venue was approached by the Local Gardai and advised that running the event would go against them when their next licence application was lodged.. yes, you read right, the venue was bullied into dropping the gig.. so, what can we do? Not alot really, except publicly anonounce this kind of thing is going on!! One thing is for sure, Me, John Power, Conor G, the other DJs and performers on the weekend, the Promoter, RTE radio (the national service provider for the republic of ireland) , The Outside Broadcast Team, the Owner of the Hotel, the supplier of the Stage, the Sucurity Team, the PA hire Company, the Road-Crew, the Printers and designers of the flyers & posters, the Advertising team in RTE radio, the Management of the artists and the familys of all the above mentioned people wish to make it clear that they have NO connections with Drugdealing, organised crime, theft ar any conspiracy to commit any crime whatsoever in connection with the proposed event, and we all resent the implication that we would need to conspire in such a fashion. We also wish to make it clear that this is NOT bieng taken lightly, and we intend to persue the Gardai responsible with a view to making an official statement as to WHY holding such an event would reflect badly on the continuation of any of our careers.. We also wish to point out that we are deadly serious in our endevours, and we make our livings from this activity, and we will not be undermined by a lazy, fat, bunch of Cu**s who think the best way to prevent work is to stop it coming about. We are not afraid of you, because we are not bent. Light destroys darkness, and we are coming to get you. End of Story. You may laugh (or steam if you are a member!!), but this is really taking the piss, and i have to ask what is next? No GAA matches because paramilitarys or potential abusers of parking areas may be in the crowd? No Wedding receptions because people get drunk and may talk loudly in a manner likely to cause offence???? No Pubs anymore because people are more likely to commit violent crimes when their bird naggs them for bieng pissed "again"? No Television because it may show people Fuc*ing and may incite a person with no wedding-tackle to commit a hate-crime? No Mass because it may cause a public gathering likelty to cause offence to the Anti-christ/Taliban and result in a blight upon our community/plague of locusts/falling airliner? No roads because people may use them to get to and from a crime scene? No air because criminals may need to breathe it? Might as well just kill us all now eh? Well, this, i am sure, is down to laziness... the scourge of modern society.. sooner or later everyone realises they are but an insect on a rock in the ocean of time.. and they just "give up" trying.. why should anyone put any effort into anything anymore - life is so pointless - 70 years of pain, then you blip out of existance! Well, i`ll tell you why you should make the effort.. because if you don`t, people like me will take the piss out of you.. thats why!! [hint: now you know what keeps me going!!!] Ahhhhhhh... lovely lamers... mmmmm....


Think i have SARS.. either that or my cookery has finally got to me Don`t forget the All-niter in the Mullingar Arts Centre tomorrow nite.. Apparently i`m on a 2am till 3.30ish!!! hahahaha!!! shades of london 3 year ago wot?!