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    So, by now you are probably aware of YET MORE changes at RTE radio.. Yes, i know you couldn`t give a fuc*ingmonkeybollock what happens behind the scenes in Radio - i AM aware the ONLY people concerned with radio nonsense are People who WORK in radio, and i am aware this perticular paragraph holds no real interest for you, but i`m sorry, i MUST do this for all my homies out there that DO work in radio, and need validation for their life-choice - just like i do. Yes. That is the point of all this. It`s why there is an EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH at your local fast-food shithole..So, this season's EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH in radioland? MR BIG. yep. good old MR BIG. he who has been buying up media outlets for years.. he who was an independent Mobile-phone pioneer, he who took on Telecom, he who now takes on RTE... Oh yes.. i was witness to one of his famed Rants in recent weeks, as i pretended to be a member of staff at one of his (many) radio stations.. It began calmly - kinda like an RTE meeting, everybody shuffling and trying to get in view of the boss to score a few "i attended the meeting" brownie points - you know, the BOSS you have never actually seen, the BOSS you are threaten'd with slaps from if you are bold? yeah.. him.. So, he begins by thanking everyone for working for fuc*-all for so many years, and saying how much he appreciates all the piles of cash he gets from it all.. and then, most unlike an RTE meeting, he starts to get animated.. Oh yes.. like his triple-shot mocca-happy-chino is kicking in real goodo, like he is a Microsoft Exec just after having an enormous slurp from the plasma-tank, and he cruises.. First we hear how we woz Dicked by RTE, the Irish Government and Aer Lingus, and then we hear how the "Fat-Cats" are about to fall as "We" have them by the balls now.. We hear how he is going to push and push the "big boys" until they break, he Rants he doesn`t care HOW much money he looses in the short term, as it all works out in the grand scheme of things.. On and On he rants, getting more hyper and pissed off and red-faced as he goes.. Rant, Rant, Rant.. he stops just short of blaming RTE for cancelling STAR TREK, shooting Malcom-X, and bieng at the root of all bad things that happen, and ever will happen to "us" - INCLUDING the fact we/they are underpaid, overworked, not appreciated and obviously idiots if we/they swallow this little song & dance.. In his summing-up I Heard at least 10 words i know don`t really exist that he made up to confuse people who were keeping up with him, including "embettering" , "pro-richen" and "de-consignarary".. He then wraps up the meeting by doing an animal-house style "who's with me?" to a roar of "YEAH!!!" from the troops (now in full battle-armour with painted faces and all..) and he and his *****-copeland-clad pals leg it through the audience, hi-five-ing and back-slapping as they go, straight out the door and into the Merc., just in time to hit COSTALOTS for a few scoops with lunch, before golf, Gin & tonics and early bed as they have to get up early tomorrow to ruin RTE... And so ends the Yearly pep-Rally by MR BIG, who, incidently, was on the mobile almost immediatly after his little visit to a potential BUYER for the station to assure them all is good and morale is as high as ever... Oh yes.. So this is how the indies "do" a meeting.. Kinda fun huh? Certainly more fun then a meeting at RTE.. For starters, nobody ever says anything incase they then have to follow through with some action of some sort.. And we don`t have some guy in a suit, obviously over-stimulated, leaping around the stage calling the opposition names and stirring up emotion in the troops.. Oh no, that would angry-up the blood too much, and could lead to something actually happening in the long term.. Best to just have the meeting in secret in the least obvious place, and only invite people who have no spine, are deaf and/or will not turn up.. Perfect.Anyway, when i take over, there will be a few changes.. I'm gonna actually USE the massive Budget and resources at my disposal in RTE. ALL meetings and discussion will be broadcast live, and people will have to compete to earn the chance to attand a meeting, as there will be spot-prizes, and a free bar.. The structure and location of meetings will change too.. no more dusty crypts and graveyards, no more Cloak & Dagger stuff, no more human sacrifice (unless you are sacked) and and end to flagellation and hot coals.. Meetings will have special guest stars to read out the bad news, and issue the challenges/break news about everyone bieng moved to 4am on a tuesday on LYRIC despite doing well etc.. We will have a more effective rewards system too.. People doing well ratings-wise will get Chrysler Crossfires and Instant holidays, people doing badly will get to play Russian Roulette on their family guided by a member of the public.. Just picture it, WILL SMITH announces the saturday Brekkie show on 2FM is down by .02% in waterford, so a member of the public gets to talk Mark McCabe through (maybe) shooting his dog in the head, while Nikki Hayes who was Up 500 listeners in Sligo would be whisked away to the airport to start an instant 10-day holiday in manilla, staying at the fanastic Playboy-Hilton Casino & Racetrack Resort... Oh yes, finally a use for all those people that spend their time slagging off RTE on messageboards and in the press.. Finally they will have their dreams come true - they get to appear on RTE, AND get to torture the presenter/person they have been brainwashed into hating.. Think about it, you know it's a winner.. And the best bit? RTE will (once again) have the last laugh, as all this Venom that has been brewing for years in the Indie sector will be used to entertain people, which i should stress, is why we are all here in the first place..

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *loleatta holloway - love sensation 2006 [hitack] (gusto)
    *oakenfold - faster kill pussycat [nat monday] (perfecto cdper008)
    *dt8 proj - narama [dale corderoy] (mondo cdr)
    *jamiroquai - space cowboy [mayhem & musaphia anthem dub] (columbia)
    *bizzare inc. - playing with knives (vinyl solution)
    *richard dorfmeister vs madrid de los austrias - boogie no more (gstone gsmx027)
    *the ones - picture perfect [atoc dubmaster] (atoc cdr)
    *belle epoque - miss broadway (hit!cdr)
    *2 bad mice - bombscare (moving shadow)
    *switch - a bit patchy (data)
    *haji + emanuel feat sonique - tonight [kurds piano soul] (azuli silver cdr)
    *starkillers - discoteca (gusto 12gus33)
    *gabriel & dresden - eleven o'clock (organised nature adv.)
    *shannon - let the music play (emergency)
    *mr phillips - traveller EP jetlag [milo nl vs cjstone] (redsilver 007)
    *eastern sun - vanuata [orig] (asgard digital onasgard001)
    *supermode - tell me why (superstar 3049r)
    *depeche mode - lillian [chab vocal] (mute p12bong38)
    *karen overton - your loving arms (supra 018-1)
    *mojado - el tercer ojo (magikmusik)
    *silencer - drown in me (direction silencer 122)
    *marcel woods - monotone (high contrast hcr016)
    *greg downey - KIA (discover 21)
    *abel ramos - electro fun (reset rs019)
    *fred baker - forever friends (baker street)
    *astatic - the hollow man (dedicated dedo24)
    *stoneface & terminal - ocean breeze (monstertunes sampler series 02)
    *a boy called joni - green astronauts [niklas harding] (black hole 187-5)
    *you were there - resistance d [jam & spoon] (vendetta)


    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *Gabriel & Dresden - Tracking Treasure Down [robbie rivera]
    *richard dorfmeister vs madrid de los austrias - boogie no more (gstone gsmx027)
    *belle epoque - miss broadway (hit! cdr)
    *rob boskamp - in the evening [rockefeller] (data 112cds)
    *sparks - number 1 song in heaven (virgin)
    *dt8 proj - narama [dale corderoy] (mondo cdr)
    *cristian varela - metropolis (intec album sampler)
    *jaymo and hauswerks - dont stop (salacious 12sal02)
    *oakenfold - faster kill pussycat [nat monday] (perfecto cdper008)
    *mr phillips - traveller ep jetlag [milo NL vs cjstone] (redsilver 007)
    *eastern sun - vanuata [orig] (asgard digital onasgard001)
    ** cristian varela spesh mix to promore 'intecnique 02' **
    *ame - rej (sonar kollektiv)
    *david kano - gapevine (elp mudium)
    *zoo brazil - pleasure (harthouse)
    *maetrik & martinez - expresso (morris audio)
    *d-nox & becker - you are star (baroque)
    *trentmoller - coincidance (ware recordings)
    *no more kids & dancefloor - crash A (cdr)
    *new order - blue monday [hardfloor] (new state)
    *no more kids & dancefloor - crash B (cdr)
    *silencer - drown in me [flash bros] (direction silencer 122)
    *depeche mode - lillian [chab vocal] (mutepl12bong38a)
    *supermode - tell me why [2 elements] (superstar 3049r)
    *royksopp - beautiful day without you [rex the dog] (wall of sound wallt113)
    *boom jinx - come play perfect (anjunadeep anjdee005)
    *astatic - the hollow man (dedicated ded024)
    *sakin & friends - braveheart 2006 (7th sense ssr006)
    *fred baker - friends forever (baker street bsr001)
    *c1 - open up (c1 series bootleg)
    *hardcell - champane boy (drumcode dc29)
    *a-lusion - perfect it (scantraxx)
    *mojado - arena (magik musik 830-5)
    *giorgio moroder - the chase [jam & spoon]

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *don diablo - blow [ext]
    *rooster & peralta - move your body [austin leeds] (tweekd tt010)
    *guy called gerald - blow your house down [killa productions]
    *starkillers - discoteca (gusto 12gus33)
    *man parrish - hip hop etc.
    *eros de funk - rapturous (cdr)
    *art of noise - beatbox (ztt)
    *muallem - cheerleader (compost 208)
    *belle epoque - miss broadway (hit! cdr)
    *loleatta holloway - love sensation 06 [hi tack] (gusto)
    *paulo mojo - ruckus (balance 009 mix cd)
    *switch - a bit patchy (data)
    *haji and emanuel feat.sonique - tonight [kurds piano soul] (azuli silver cdr)
    *zirenz - edge of space [whiteroom] (mondo cdr)
    *lochi - london acid city [2006 techno mix] (routemaster route058))
    *silencer - drown in me [flash bros.] (direction silencer 121)
    *royksopp - beautiful day without you [rex the dog] (wall of sound wallt113)
    *jose amnesia vs. seawn mitiska - may all [orig] (coldharbour recordings clhr013)
    *boom jinx - come play perfect (anjunadeep anjdee-005)
    *marcell woods - monotone (hight contrast hcr016)
    *stoneface & terminal - venus (euphoric 63.3)
    ******* pres. allure - the loves we lost [orig] (maelstrom maelt042)
    *abel ramos - electro fun [e-craig] (reset rs019)
    *jac 7 - blade (jac7)
    *astatic - the hollow man (dedicated ded 024)
    *c1 - open up (white)
    *carlo resoort - friday (liquid 056)
    *crw - i feel love (media)

    Playlist for Spring Doz Dan on 2FM.

    *coldplay - talk [junkie xl remix]
    *flaming lips - yeah yeah yeah song
    *don diablo - blow
    *decadance - primal
    *si schroeder - the reluctant aviator
    *nightmares on wax - the sweetest
    *william orbit - you know too much about flying saucers
    *panic! at the disco - but it`s better if you do
    *xray spex - the day the world turned dayglo
    *snow patrol - shut your eyes
    *the mutts - gutter glory
    *the parlez - emily [session]
    *stiff little fingers - suspect device
    *chambers brothers - time has come today
    *streets - never went to church
    *grace jones - private life
    *pet shop boys - i'm with stupid
    *switch - a bit patchy
    *the parlez - give up [session]
    *love - alone again or...
    *the whip - trash
    *joy division - transmission
    *clap your hands, say yeah - the skin of my yellow teeth
    *pink floyd - have a cigar
    *kraftwerk - elektrokardiogramm
    *eurythmics - the walk [12"]
    *blue nile - stay [album ver.]

    Playlist for Spring Doz Dan on 2FM.

    *pearl jam - worldwide suicide
    *ordinary boys - nine 2 five
    *streets - never went to church
    *specials - too much 2 young
    *untouchables - free yourself
    *switch - a bit patchy
    *squarepusher - my red hot car
    *gorillaz - kids with guns
    *flaming lips - haven't got a clue
    *the parlez - so tired [session]
    *leftfield - afroride
    *jim noir - my patch
    *white stripes - 7 nation army
    *talk talk - it`s my life [12"]
    *hot chip - boy from school
    *the parlez - easy [session]
    *24 carat black - 24 carat black
    *cypress hill - insane in the brain
    *james brown - cold sweat [+outtake]
    *cowboy x - gabbi
    *soft cell - down in the subway [12"]
    *blamange - living on the cieling [12"]
    *the whip - trash
    *john sferos - trance form

    Playlist for Spring Doz Dan on 2FM.

    *we are scientists - nobody move, nobody get hurt
    *new order - temptation
    *switch - a bit patchy
    *bass odyssey - poncherello [session]
    *o'jays - for the love of money
    *red hot chilli peppers - cd1 track2 new LP
    *mylo - drop the pressure
    *kraftwerk - robotnik
    *elvis costello - pump it up
    *jim noir - my patch
    *futureheads - skip to the end
    *depeche mode - never let me down again
    *the knack - my sharona
    *laurant garnier - the man with the red face
    *bass odyessy - twilight [session]
    *steve hillage - talking to the sun
    *zero 7 - throw it all away
    *public NME - hard rhymin'
    *herman kelly & life - dance to the drummer's beat
    *commodores - machine gun
    *daisy chain - no time to stop believing in love [12"]

    Playlist for Spring Doz Dan on 2FM.

    *ordinary boys - nine to five
    *echo & the bunnymen - bring on the dancong horses
    *jim noir - my patch
    *spice - big blue sky
    *bbc radiophonic workshop - dr.who [1980]
    *newcleus - jam on it
    *switch - a bit patchy
    *stone roses - fools gold
    *the revolutionarys - secret agent
    *ELP - fanfare for the common man
    *stranglers - down in the sewer
    *orig. Rocky Horror Show Movie cast - science fiction double feature
    *zero 7 - throw it all away
    *bbc radiophonic workshop - the tardis
    *coldcut - aid dealer
    *kamall feat. MC lightning - [unid. punjab title]
    *santos - 3,2,1 fire!
    *the JBs - the grunt
    *acdc - let there be rock [live]
    *stakker humanoid - humanoid
    *landscape - einstein a go-go [12"]
    *depeche mode - suffer well [narcotic thrust]
    *pet shop boys - suburbia [12"]


    Filling in for DAN all this week Midnite-2am, although i`m NOT doing the usual Vinyl-Reanimation Thing, i think 8 hours of it would be more trouble then it is amusing..

    Have you noticed how many Festivals and events there are this summer in Ireland? You can See ******, PETSHOP BOYS, THE WHO, GABRIEL & DRESDEN and GLEN CAMPBELL this summer if you really feel the need! WTF? i mean really WTF.. So, i did a quick tot of the total costs involved to cover all angles, and i am pleased to present the OFFICIAL BUDGETARY GUIDE TO FESTIVALS IN IRELAND SUMMER 2006.. Remember, this is only a rough guide, there is no acceptable minimum or maximum for Festival-intoxication levels (EU 1992 directive 0004563a, para. 5c) so you cannot actually have "enough" drink on you at any stage of the proceedings.. Also, this guide does not take into account eBAY prices, Booking fees, Loss of Belongings, Required Medical Attention and Bieng Ripped off by local Hackneys. You are advised that there WILL be random Breath-tests on the route to both MIDLANDS and OXYGEN, and people found not to have any drink taken will be beaten and humilated by the side of the road as everyone else passes by - DON'T RISK IT IT'S NOT WORTH IT - play safe and down a naggin of DunnesStores Vodka Before you leave the house. Figures may not represent any actual real truths, and may be completely made up on the spot. Terms And conditions apply.


    Booze n' Drugz: 100eu x 2days = 200eu
    Spine-in-a-bap & Warm Water: 50eu x 2days = 100eu
    Travel: Grade -2 Middle-Of-Nowhere = 55eu
    Total: 515eu

    Electric Picnic

    Booze n' Drugz: 90eu x 3 days = 270eu
    Falafel Wraps & AquaLibra: 60eu x 3days = 180eu
    Travel: Grade -3 Middle-Of-Nowhere = 60eu
    Total: 685eu


    Booze n' Drugz: 150eu x 2days = 300eu
    ChewingGum & TapWater: 10eu x 2days = 20eu
    Travel: Grade -1 Middle-Of-Nowhere = 50eu
    Total: 520eu

    Midlands Music Festival

    Guinness "and a G&T for the mot": 75eu x 2days = 150eu
    Brekfast Rolls & More Guinness: 75eu x 2 = 150eu
    Travel: Grade -7 Middle-Of-Nowhere = 2500eu (after drunk-driving fine)
    Total: 2920eu


    Booze' n' Drugz: 75eu x 1 night
    Whopper with Fries: 5eu
    Travel: Grade +1 Within gobbing Distance of All know Methods of Local And National Transport = 10eu
    Total: 107.50eu

    So.. To stay 100% Fashionable this Summer, you need between 2 and 5 GRAND. Yep. That's correct. You read it right.. Oh, and before you start Plotting to do them all MINUS the MIDLANDS, let me remind you that GLEN CAMPBELL is a living ledgend (at least i think he is still alive..) and attandence is required if you are to claim any sort of depth for your love of music. Think i`m spoofing? Check LINEMAN FOR THE COUNTY and GALVESTON out.. Yeah, now you see.. In fact, there is only 1 person in existance who is cooler then GLEN, and that's PAUL ANKA, but you knew that already... (etc.)

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *till west & dj delicious - same man [sharam jay] (data cdr)
    *rob boskamp - in the evening [rockerfeller] (data 112cds)
    *eros de funk - rapturous (cdr)
    *paulo mojo - ruckus (balance 009 mix cd - eq records)
    *solar sides - midnight mood (as above)
    *gabriel & dresden - tracking treasure down [robbie rivera] (cdr)
    *don diablo - blow [ext] (cdr)
    *dht - someone [choose & f mix] (data cdr)
    *beatdropperz - nothing ever changes [bk] (serie a cdr)
    *gustavo sataolalla - the wings [gabriel & dresden] (universal cdr)
    *johnny pulse - the market street hustle (bulabeats adv. LP: "funky 5 years ago")
    *rock master scott - the roof is on fire (reality records) history
    *switch - a bit patchy (data) biog
    *andy cato - la luna (azuli azny228)
    *the whip - trash [motor] (lavolta005x)
    *patrick bryze & jim tonique - better world (attractive attr014)
    *steve n king - bounce (mobizz mbizz063-12)
    *mads arp ft. julie harrington - slow it down (black hole 193-5)
    *bad habit boys - let yourself go (bump! bum018)
    *boom jinx - come play perfect (anjuna deep)
    *pg2 - txetxt's memory [jaccot & brian cross] (captivating sounds)
    *assure - arrogance (captivating sounds cvsa032)
    *marcel woods - monotone (high contrast hcr016)
    ******* pres. allure - the loves we lost (maelstrom)
    *jac - blade (jac 7)
    *blutonium boy - in touch with tomorrow (blut015)
    *a-lusion - perfect it (scantraxx)
    *eden proj. - mummy (riot in london riot! 016)
    *carlo resoort - aurora (liquid lq0059)
    *golden girls - kenetic [commie] (distinctive)


    Where were YOU at 8 Minutes and 9.1 seconds past 7 this morning? Eh? Probably Afuc*ingsleep!! You missed it man.. I'm telling.. (etc.)

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *andy cato - la luna (azuli azny228)
    *the whip - trash [motor] (lavolta 005x)
    *gustavo santaolalla - the wings [gab & dres organised nature mix] (universal)
    *bbe - 7 days & 1 week (positiva)
    *beatdropperz - nothing ever changes [retro] (serie a cdr)
    *alister whitehead - heaven (toolroom cdr)
    *trentmoller - physical fraction (audiomatique) ["intecnique.02" inteccd05]
    *sebastian leger - electric (intec) ["intecnique.02" mixed by cristian varela]
    *don diablo - blow [chew fu phat] (cdr)
    *steve porter - fountainia (fds-008)
    *priority 1 - nocturnalisim (big licks digital)
    *david morales - how would u feel [phillipe b] (data 106cds)
    *loleatta holloway - love sens8ion 06 [hi tack] (gusto cdr)
    *patrick bryze & jim tonique - better world (attractive attr014)
    *2nefuse - i need u (boemm!! 004)
    *steve n king - bounce (mobizz mbizz063-12)
    *mads arp ft. julie harrington - slow it down (black hole 193-5)
    *powell - all over the world (lube)
    *supermodels from paris - keep on (anjuana deep anjdee-004)
    *akira - superstring 2.6 [festival] (white)
    *assure - arrogance (captivating sounds cvsa032)
    *killian's & vlentino kanzyani - overwhelming (cobra 04)
    *public domain - operation blade 2006 (supersonic blade2006)
    *hydroid pres. phyn - shattered skies (kyr records kyr335)
    *johan gielen - flash (maximal 003-6)
    *summer sessions -blossom (threshold music elec 12002)
    *boom jinx - come play perfect (anjuana deep)
    *leon bolier pres. surpresa - back in the days (a state of trance)
    *moonman - galaxia (go for it)
    jUst plAythAtbEAt