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  • F.A.Q.

    Greetings! If you Are having Problems Seeing the rest of the Springboard, You need to REGISTER to make an account, and then LOG IN..

    Registration Is Free, and You can Use any eMail address You like to register under and confirm Your account; gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc. are all OK.

    Once You have an account, You can see rest of the boards, and maybe even interact with other like-minded (ie: bored) people!

    IRC is available on this server, official playtime is 10pm Saturday nights UK & Ireland time, thats +1 for CET and -5 for East coast USA, when commentary on the RTE2fm show is available.. There is always someone in IRC, if you want to hang out or ask a question or hurl abuse, then go ahead. it's a free internets innit.

    Our Shoutcast server channels are Also open to all to Listen to, but only Full members may broadcast using it.

    If All you want is to see Playlists and Public Announcements (ie: this section), You don`t need an account, as this area will always be Public.

    We do not have facebook, 2ndlife, 4square, aids, gout or club-foot. fu*k off and learn to internet etc., but we do post release info to Twitter @djmrspring - please do not be offended if We do not return-follow You on Twitter, We don't follow ANYONE on twitter - if You want a follower, then follow me on VIMEO

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    About Playlists and Music Royalty returns:

    We publish an .xls for royalty calculations re: radioplay, if You are a label or publisher, and wish to have access to this, please contact a moderator.

    If You are a plugger, label, artist or involved in promotion, and You offer us music to play, you MUST NAME THE FILE CORRECTLY. I don't care if You use iTunes, and/or have filled out all the meta tagging, if the filename has no details, then YOU LOSE OUT ON YOUR ROYALTY PAYMENTS. the acceptable format for naming files is thus:

    [artist]-[title]-[mix]-[label]-[catalog number]-[writer]-[publisher]

    The 'mix', 'writer' and 'publisher' may be omitted, in which case the 'publisher' tag will be replaced with 'cop con' (copyright control) and the 'writer' will be replaced with the 'artist' for entries.

    So, as an example, if You offer a file for download titled like this:

    You get NOTHING. and Probably not even a play.

    If you offer a file for download titled like this:
    someartist_-_my_tune_-_shitbag remix_(dogbreath_records_dogb23).mp3
    You have a STRONG chance of getting full credit for Your work.

    If you offer a file for download titled like this:
    someartist_-_my_tune_-_shitbag remix_(dogbreath_records_dogb23)_(fred_flintstone)_(dino_publishing).mp3

    Remember, radioplay royalties are usually collected blindly, and distributed according to CLAIMS and CHART PERFORMANCE, so if You do NOT provide details, then YOUR MONEY GOES TO FUC*ING U2 or NELLY or someone else who has their shit together.

    To answer those that claim it should be my responsibility to research each tune i play, and provide accurate details for returns, i need to stress that if YOU don't care enough to make the effort to name Your offers correctly, i don't care enough to do the googling and copy & pasting into a spreadsheet.

    To those that claim they filled in all the file details in iTunes/whatever metatagging system, and i should open the original files in iTunes/Winamp/DMC and copy and paste each line into a spreadsheet - GO FU*K YOURSELVES YOU LAZY SODS AND NAME YOUR FILES PROPERLY.

    Also: metatagging and 'cover art' is REMOVED FROM ALL MP3s when they are converted into WAV and/or MP2 for playout on RTE Radio - We are not in the business of taking our iPods into work, and plugging them in to a multi-million euro transmission system, we use professional playout methods, and none of these involve toys like iPods, or other portable picnic players.

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      More on filenames in offers:

      NEVER use any odd symbols in Your filenames or archive names.

      Avoid these: @ & % £ $ " ' * \ | # ~ : ;

      You MAY use these: - _ ( ) [ ]

      Something on formats:

      * mp3 is cool, keep it CBR, not VBR, and never dip below 256k, 320 is the norm.
      * make sure You are in STEREO too! (you'd be amazed how many people render in MONO thinking it's louder!)
      * offers should be 44.1k rate, not 48k, not 96k. Downconverting files impacts on quality & wastes time.
      * normalize Your offers, a quiet file is just extra work
      * WAV files are bloated, fragile and too large, if you want to offer a master-quality file, flac is the future, and is already the EBU standard.
      * never EVER attach a file to an email, always offer a download link instead.
      * do not offer DEMO versions. if You aren't sure if it's good enough, then it's not good enough.
      * if You offer a VIP version, remember to state this in the offer
      - Please do not send links to FACEBOOK or SPOTIFY as promo links ever.

      And Finally..

      Springsession is about playing new music & I try to play 50-60 new tunes a week. On a good week, we listen to ~1500 tunes, on a bad week, nearer 500. If You make it difficult to download, preview or use Your music, YOU WILL BE BLANKED as there are plenty of other fish in the sea. Do not be offended, it's not a PERMA-BLANKING - this is very rare, but, in the time it takes me to open Your email, wait for the images and panels to download, allow the stupid 3rd party content, find a click on a link, wait for the flash-heavy offer system to load and open the offer, skip through the multiple mixes in the irritating but pretty awesome looking player, click on the stupid rating crap, fill in a comment and start the download, i could have MADE THE FUC*ING TUNE MYSELF, or at the very least blasted through 2-3 other tunes. ehm. so, think about that. Yes, i know i'm an exception, in that i get many offers, and am one of a handfull of Radio shows playing EDM/EBM/Day-Zero on a national radio station, but again, if You don't care enough to make the effort for me, then i really won't be arsed making the effort for You.

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        Every day, 24/7 Our regular feed of audio is at - as of 2018 this has 3 modes - oldschool, newschool and mixtape. Weedays are oldschool from (UK/Ireland time) 8am thru' 4pm, then newschool from 4pm thru' 6pm, then from 6pm thru' 8pm is oldschool again, then mixtapes from 8pm thru' midnight, then from midnight thru' 8am is newschool tracks. Weekends are oldschool from 8am thru' midnight, and newschool from midnight thru' 8am. 'oldschool' is a selection of vinyl transfers collected to build THAT DIGGIN' SHOW - and other material that is usually not in common use elsewhere that i would deem inspiring, It's eclectic, it's relevant to Your interests, and it's fun to have on in the background. 'newschool' is a selection of the last decade of new music as used on the SPRINGSESSION radio shows - techno, house, drum & Bass, Psytrance, breaks, dubstep and prog. 'mixtapes' are 1 or 2 hour mixtapes from the last 10 years, mixed by mrspring. NB: If there is a studio session in progress, this stream may carry the studio audio.

        Every day, 24/7 our IRC chat channel is open - or if You run an IRC client, connect to and come see us in #home or start your own channel.

        Monday, Tuesday & Thursday Afternoon can carry a live feed of the audio from the recording studio. You can eavesdrop on how a tune is created or mixed. This depends on the work being done, and weather or not the client is happy with You listening in! ofc, if it's on, you will hear long periods of silence as we drink, do drugs, fall asleep, wake up, argue and resume work. this is normal. You can ask in the chat channel (above) if what You are hearing is what it sounds like!!

        Friday afternoon the Weekly video is published at

        Saturday afternoon the full playlist from LAST WEEK's Springsession radio show is posted in the UPDATE section

        Saturday night from 11pm visit the chat channel to hang out with the show team as the show is broadcast. This is informal, and we expect if You are in a chatroom at 10pm on a saturday night, You are bored shitless and up for a bit of messing. BY USING THE CHAT YOU AGREE TO THIS. The Weekly video matches the mix in hour 2 of the show (10.55 pm), and it's traditional to run the video as the mix plays on 2FM..

        Monday morning the latest Radio show is added to the Reciva/Shoutcast realplayer playlist and made availabe to download as an mp3 here:
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          The list of mrspring's music that has been publically offered is here:

          No, not even I have copies of all of them, and the list ONLY includes things that were circulated. There are many acetates and dubplates from the 1996-2002 period that I know exist, with rough mixes and test tracks, they will all be on MASTER ROOM or 777 or TAPE ONE slates, and these are not listed as they are single or one of 2.

          There are 2 aborted DT releases that will never appear on DISCOGS - the original version of BREAK IT (5 test pressings) and FU*K THE MACHINE (5 test pressings), and one Aborted RED release - the 2-sided black vinyl edition of DREAM LOVER (5 copies) - all in white paper bags.

          I have not listed anything pre-1989, or any of the commercial crap i did on the sly to get toy moneys, as those releases were not 'electronic' music, and i was just the engineer, with no creative input.
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