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  • Back once again

    Cant believe this is still here... and preserved and not archived!!!!

    Great ! Is anyone still hanging about here? Its probibly great FacebookShit hasn't taken this too

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    Ah, the stuff that people mostly access here is old posts about equipment and the playlists for my show and the sessions, which are stored nowhere else.. Nosebook is still the king for idle banter, and all the message apps with their small clusters are also clear, portable winners. I should really pull this forum, BUT, it does serve as a database of activity that is searchable. You can find the names of tunes played on 2fm going back Yonks.. For that, it's worth keeping alive. Not that much work TBH, and it's free from sneaky data mine crapola. Yay!
    jUst plAythAtbEAt


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      On your own page is it on FB? I read back over the PLSS Wil it happen thread. i did laugh!!!

      We will have to meet up some day at some petrol station for idol gossip. I assume the ankle is ok after the mishap in killarney? Being the Death trap dungeon stairs? What are ytou driving these days?